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In 1999, CCMO-Center for Youth and Families was founded as a collaboration between Don Bosco Hall, Ennis Center for Children, and Spectrum Human Services, Inc. realizing that just like our families, we needed to find a collective voice to ensure sustainable change. Over the years we have begun to see change within our youth, families, and communities with the belief that together we can begin to eliminate the prevalence of juvenile crime, gangs, and drugs in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park, Michigan.

CCMO-Center for Youth and Families is committed to working with each neighborhood to improve the lives of our children. It is these individual neighborhoods that have relied on their unique strengths and resources to combat the effects of the declining economy, increase in neighborhood blight, and numerous other forces that seem to want to keep our children and communities from surviving. We are committed to continuing to work with our communities to create neighborhoods where families not just survive but they thrive and are safe, clean, and nurturing by:

  • Developing partnerships with community organizations, schools, churches/mosques, parents and others;
  • Assessing and identifying local needs, resources, and priorities to target high-risk youth and juvenile offenders;
  • Developing and implementing locally-based strategies of integrated prevention to target youth violence;
  • Coordinating activities in local communities by linking law enforcement efforts, with economic entrepreneurship, youth development, and informed and improved schools.
  • Assisting the private sector and local governments in forming partnerships by identifying local, state, and federal resources that are committed to promoting public/private partnerships.